Fifth of July 2014

Mid Saturday small explosions on a quiet street corner two women stand on porch fronts across from each other the first says “a-hole” in Farsi the second in mixed English & Korean “was that necessary” through the blue smoke cloud surrounding all following bang! barrupt! crack! for three full minutes stands smirking guy using up … Continue reading Fifth of July 2014

Another Murder in America

Alternate Title (Why we love baseball in the USA.) Or even golf. The rules seem to make sense, even when the umpire needs glasses and the officiating sucks. The alternate title doesn’t even fit, nothing rhymes, And there are no other names or titles or themes to really believe in, despite loud TV faces repeating … Continue reading Another Murder in America

Old Oak

dark green moss and grey lichen adorn branches above a slow river bend just below the inn’s balcony symbiotic growth much younger than the the curvy white oak bending like ancient script — pointy leaves spreading into a canopy to catch the sun — its shadow protects Boysenberry vines and bugs for the birds to … Continue reading Old Oak

Old Sam

My wife . . . Hazel . . . See? She doesn’t stir from her bed. See . . . the full green moon? She sees the shine in his eye, what now? I think of Old Sam peering up at the full green moon. Standing in his bed clothes facing the clear sky over … Continue reading Old Sam