Broken Gun

The broken gun was only a pellet gun, but it was our gun and the Old Man Stork who broke our gun became an enemy more un-liked than he was even prior before – at least by us.  We played in Perch Bay nearly every day in the summer, or at least that summer.  The … Continue reading Broken Gun


Forty degree water is plenty warm for the tiny smelt fishes.  Swimming in school groups near shaded shores in early and late hours.  Silvery quick, you can scoop them straight from the net into the fry pan.  If you wanted to put them direct over fire.   Best to make sure you have enough to eat … Continue reading Smelts!

Ride My Honda

My little red Honda was a gift from one of my fathers.  I don’t recall which one – it was one of those gifts that was supposed to substitute for being there.  Nonetheless it was a good call I used and abused that little 70 cc motor and clunky steel frame from every fun angle … Continue reading Ride My Honda