Tunnel Visions

This was no ordinary tunnel. There were warning signs of course as you approached, rather indicators giving pause. “Biggest best tunnel ever.” “You can’t resist.” “Only right-minded people here.” “Better than the good old-fashioned days.” But nothing could quite prepare anyone to go around, skip on past, to do anything but drive towards the next … Continue reading Tunnel Visions

Old Friend

By the pond’s edgean acorn fallsrippling my reflectionbut we are meetingfor the first timeI say aloudwho was that strangerI say to nobodymy reflection returnswith something morethan I had beforean awareness of impermanenceawe of greater forcein a little acornthat can make medisappear and appear again. For Reena’s Xploration!!! Continue reading Old Friend

Who’s on first?

The wannabe poets gathered around their professor, the beloved group she called poets as if a secret handshake.They sat at their usual after class front window table, it was comforting.This Friday evening however, it’d be packed, a sold out welcome spring poetry extravaganza.She was the featured reader of course, and as the bar filled there … Continue reading Who’s on first?

Insanity Rumination

Not the first time I admit, ha-ha; I know if you don’t take the meds; staff’ll force you somehow; best to keep quiet; not draw attention; put them under your tongue and pretend swallow; if you object they’ll suspect; we’ll be out soon; or maybe they’ll make me stay; I could give them something to … Continue reading Insanity Rumination


Morning after that party we knew it was overdrunken dances so strange.A tree gives glory by being a treewithout asking is anything in it for me.A Playboy mires in vain pursuit of self-glorywithout knowing the dignity of transcendence into wisdom.Mom said he’s embarrassed himself enough this timedoes he even remember? Years later, I drove him … Continue reading Devil