Crystal Ball

Look over & under then through      maybe everything returns         and will remains      sun rises sun stands          tall in the sky             sun sets      storm rolls in dark    booms flashes rains      then there’s calm      you do not need       a crystal ball to    tell good from not. For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt! Continue reading Crystal Ball

Post for a Wednesday

There is something mysteriously                  beautiful about a dead tree – – – as it stands no longer resisting             the winds that strip its bark                 and twist its trunk . . . . .     In sunshine – rain – – or snow – – –             it seems to suggest a power                     long after life has … Continue reading Post for a Wednesday

Sick Time

That cup                 must have been dirty I felt it                 as soon as I drank                                 that cranberry juice I won’t                 say anything                                 but that cup was used People                 would think I’m crazy                                 so don’t say anything. I won’t but                 if I get sick too                                 just let me … Continue reading Sick Time

Hafez poem for dverse writing prompt

I was missing youall my life nowa curse has passedas spring’s new daysput away all feelingof autumn ending darkness liftedjoy behind sorrowGod grants sweet rosefragrance as glory arrivingover thorns and winter’s stingis forgotten turmoil in my heartroiling in my headcalmed within my handsin a stroke of her hairwhile her smile soothesand sadness fades my freshly … Continue reading Hafez poem for dverse writing prompt

The Mary Hansen Saga – continued for dverse prosery flash fiction (Jane Kenyon line)

She felt like she’d been running for decades.  She barely escaped from that god-awful town and that devil incarnate Terry O’Shea.  She knew she’d never go back, but that one day she would.  That god-awful sheriff figured she’d drowned.  She should have been free forever. On the flight from Nevada, she unconsciously felt for the … Continue reading The Mary Hansen Saga – continued for dverse prosery flash fiction (Jane Kenyon line)

Time as Ineffable

“I give you this to take with you:Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you canbegin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.”― Judith Minty, Letters to My Daughters I memorizethe contoursof treesacross the skylineas the sun setsbehind. In the morningI study thefog whichsurrounds and encloseseast, west, north & south. By mid-day I’mlooking … Continue reading Time as Ineffable

Writing Prompt October2 2019 #writephoto – Mary Hansen Copper Memorial Pathway

Thursday photo prompt: Copper #writephoto As I approach the Hansen place, I’m wondering if it was a mistake to walk around the full circumference of the lake in one day. Granted, the 7.7 mile loop is easier now the old hiking trail is fully groomed. But it isn’t really my arches so much as having to … Continue reading Writing Prompt October2 2019 #writephoto – Mary Hansen Copper Memorial Pathway