Taking the Garbage Out

Looking so cool, dressed that way, living by their own rules, having all their own money enough for an estate, a luxury sailboat and coming to the town near me. Doesn’t look a business person. Too cool for that, please tell us how to save the world, did you think of that while above us … Continue reading Taking the Garbage Out

Dawn’s Soupy Fervor

The Director ofthe play todayset the stagewith morning fog. The dull lightsuits me finereflects my moodkeeps everything quiet. Our mist friendencapsulates our terrariumblanket of hoursearly past noon. Only a bitin any directioncirrus clouds swirltexturing blue skies. Continue reading Dawn’s Soupy Fervor

Reflections Where

Upon my father’s last day gone in an instant come what may and what waswithin our shared moments too much love squanderedas we did what we thought needed to be done our hearts rarely speaking to anothermay be much was fatedbut hidden love is love regardless. Continue reading Reflections Where

Crystal Ball

Look over & under then through      maybe everything returns         and will remains      sun rises sun stands          tall in the sky             sun sets      storm rolls in dark    booms flashes rains      then there‚Äôs calm      you do not need       a crystal ball to    tell good from not. For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt! Continue reading Crystal Ball