Yo Yo & Me

What tricks you know you can do?  Sleeper, Walk the Dog, Around the World, Rock the Baby?  Pedro Flores, a Fillipino immigrant to San Francisco, made a bunch of money demonstrating these tricks all over the country in the 1920’s.  He started a yo-yo company which brought the innovative trick enabled free spinning looped slip-string … Continue reading Yo Yo & Me

A Just Cigar

Downy curls of blue smoke rising drift skyward turn into white ribboned waves as clear breath vapor and air combine born of the brown rolled stick leaf now ash grey remains of green leaf gently cured so I can save half for the morning. https://aliciabrogan.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/colombia/ http://bestcubancigarsblog.blogspot.com/ background photo:  http://cubancigarsculturelifestyle.blogspot.com/  check that one out, nice photos … Continue reading A Just Cigar

And Not Nothings

Sleep falling over her pretty rosette hair black diamond eyes is not nothing sweet honey lips damp moments before tasted sharp salty teasing it’s not nothing does the end lie near the beginning as we drink of life’s fountain set atop a well of tears although not nothing perhaps all joy comes from God a … Continue reading And Not Nothings