The Hand that Holds the Brick Balloon

If the hand that holds the string of the floating red brick balloon sees the hole where brick shows through the balloon then the hand will be crushed as the suspension of gravity bursts. imagination inspiration for Reena’s Xploration’s place Continue reading The Hand that Holds the Brick Balloon

Taking the Garbage Out

Looking so cool, dressed that way, living by their own rules, having all their own money enough for an estate, a luxury sailboat and coming to the town near me. Doesn’t look a business person. Too cool for that, please tell us how to save the world, did you think of that while above us … Continue reading Taking the Garbage Out

Insanity Rumination

Not the first time I admit, ha-ha; I know if you don’t take the meds; staff’ll force you somehow; best to keep quiet; not draw attention; put them under your tongue and pretend swallow; if you object they’ll suspect; we’ll be out soon; or maybe they’ll make me stay; I could give them something to … Continue reading Insanity Rumination

network of crystal orbs

Charlotte said, “Trust me Wilbur. People are very gullible. They’ll believe anything they see in print.” And I believe her, and recommend not believing everything you hear about some one either, or at least give a person an opportunity to prove themselves, or even improve themselves, or improve yourself, or myself and possibly take an … Continue reading network of crystal orbs


Morning after that party we knew it was overdrunken dances so strange.A tree gives glory by being a treewithout asking is anything in it for me.A Playboy mires in vain pursuit of self-glorywithout knowing the dignity of transcendence into wisdom.Mom said he’s embarrassed himself enough this timedoes he even remember? Years later, I drove him … Continue reading Devil


say, have you seenby the daylight’s dimmingpeople with belly full, soul emptypeople full of soul, belly emptyis there a mottowho is to trustbombs being dropped by computer precisionwarfare raging between bytes and bitswhat will tomorrow be,can love still overcome Fresh breathe of good air to Eugie’s Weekly Word Prompt! Continue reading Twilight