The sun, moons and planetssing a soulful symphonysaid Johannes Keplersacred geometryharmony. Dirtin tunemi fa miour old dutiful refrainin the good Creator’s composition. Peaceful wishes – courtesy to Eugi’s Weekly Continue reading Harmony

Chapters and Cornered

All references to subsectionsinclusive, but not excludingpertaining to the aforementionedsubject to defined definitionsby, through and herewithfor each and everynotwithstanding terms and conditionseffective upon effective datebinding and enforceable therebyper Chapters completely missed. Existential crisis not inspired by Eugi’s One and Only Causerie. Continue reading Chapters and Cornered

Gifts for Santa

Santa wants cookieswith homespun ingredientsflour, salt, sugarbutter, baking powderyour special touchmixed with lovebaked with hopecooled just enougha small platefulsmiling eyes around. To recap, Santa wants cookies, Santa wants cookies! Idea for an Idea ping to Reena’s Extrasploration! Continue reading Gifts for Santa


Kings, Presidents, Premiers, Prime Ministers, Grand Viziers, Czarsmeet at the summit, transported by the sherpasfed by their peasants, under funding by uslives in the balance, yours mine and oursup where the air is thin and cleartheir thoughts also thinned by their self importanceso I pray they may know and realizethe highest point is far above … Continue reading Summit


In our bookon the mapfor some recordmaking final cutlettered and degreedgold plaque etcheddecorated with trophiesfull name creditedtrue weight medalledasterisked, indexed, footnotedsound a gong!To yet more folly among clay between ashes. Motivation sponsored by Eugi’s Causerie, for all of your Causerie needs, visit Eugi’s one and only. And a little inspiration from mb of Words Less … Continue reading Notables

Tunnel Visions

This was no ordinary tunnel. There were warning signs of course as you approached, rather indicators giving pause. “Biggest best tunnel ever.” “You can’t resist.” “Only right-minded people here.” “Better than the good old-fashioned days.” But nothing could quite prepare anyone to go around, skip on past, to do anything but drive towards the next … Continue reading Tunnel Visions