Spring Smiles

The Earth renews by daffodils blossoming for joy, fragrant hyacinths lingering scent. The storms will come then pass, so take a walk and be warmed by the sun. March isn’t a race, although I desire outdistancing the past year’s sorrows. Let our hearts blend-in this season’s grace with every beat. {image credits} https://imageandword.wordpress.com/2017/03/06/daffodils-in-the-woods/ http://sunvalleyfloralfarms.blogspot.com/2013/01/hyacinth-heaven_8.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amu_NowruzContinue reading Spring Smiles

The Unicycle Parade

Antony’s dad worked at a marketing warehouse which stored test-run entertainment products like light-up dart boards, novelty dipping dunking birds, pinball machines and lawn jarts.  Some of the products were innovative, but most were knock-off versions of popular items, with slight modifications such as fluorescent striping or special noises embedded. When a marketing plan failed, … Continue reading The Unicycle Parade

Sub Div

tracking up the sidewalk towards a deep reflection through more drizzling rain heartbeat counting steady with hands clenching light blue aerobic weights she muses how difficult to have dinner ready and have thinner thighs weeds rustle by a lamp post a cat pounces after a cricket the darkest March  on weather record clouds her thoughts … Continue reading Sub Div

To the Hills

From the hilltop by my house I see hills beyond and sense the presence of people and places beyond my immediate reach I imagine the hills to be seen from those distant points and feel a part of a larger thing past my grasp. Continue reading To the Hills

Storm Rolling in on the Big Lake

Beautiful and a bit frightening at the same time.  Quiet and calm eerie shadowed horizon.  Dark dark clouds.  Cotton hoarde approaches from above, galloping (or are we approaching this fortification).  Waves rasp with hunger cascading below. Lightning flashes top to bottom, sky to water, each ensuing thundering boom comes closer.  Crashing splashes near to consume shore sands, tossing well over breakwalls.  Our collective awe, attention and respect is for God, the hiding sun, the power of lightning, the vast volume of Big Lake roiling itself – take your pick.  Feeling safe in our Faraday cage-like cars, because rubber tires don’t conduct electricity.  We hope no one is too young, brash or drunk to walk the pier; the old red lighthouse is some long ways out in this weather.  And someone will be stupid enough to think they are above nature.  The water is always wise but is also angry today, or perhaps needing to remind us of its power.  The rain hits the beach hard as we drive home.  Tomorrow we’ll peruse the driftwood, symbolic pieces left behind for us by an artist greater than Klimt, O’Keefe or any one with a name.

Continue reading “Storm Rolling in on the Big Lake”

Fifth of July 2014

Mid Saturday small explosions on a quiet street corner two women stand on porch fronts across from each other the first says “a-hole” in Farsi the second in mixed English & Korean “was that necessary” through the blue smoke cloud surrounding all following bang! barrupt! crack! for three full minutes stands smirking guy using up … Continue reading Fifth of July 2014

Another Murder in America

Alternate Title (Why we love baseball in the USA.) Or even golf. The rules seem to make sense, even when the umpire needs glasses and the officiating sucks. The alternate title doesn’t even fit, nothing rhymes, And there are no other names or titles or themes to really believe in, despite loud TV faces repeating … Continue reading Another Murder in America