Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun
A spaceship is preparing to transport all of us up through the skies and take us across the universe, but this spaceship is Earth and I guess we’re already here.
Us, the golden children of a golden God drinking blessed elixirs of golden Sun.
A thought, a blessing, another way of thinking, spinning an interwoven tapestry of complex beauty with our love of humanity, yes, of all being and existence.
Big blue marble, canopies of green beneath clouds and liquid air; salt, water and electrolytes giving birth to life, thinking and consciousness.
Percy and I, having exhausted our conversational pool for the day, set over towards the swing-set.
You pull on the swing chain rope and rock forward then back, until reaching so high the swing chain isn’t taut against your weight, you are above the top bar; next time up then you jump to see if you can break the furthest record line of the day and when you do, you mark the new distance in the dirt with your sneaker toe.
Then the bell rings and it is back to your desk to learn grammar, spelling, multiplication tables. And forget we are supposed to be Children of the Sun.

One response to “Children of the Sun”

  1. I’d like to start off saying I’m an idiot. I had no idea you are had a blog….I have some catching up to do:)

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