Candy Butts

Mark Fruett moved in with his older brothers to the house in the middle of the block where the West’s lived later. They had parents there too, but not so much as anyone would notice. They were renovating a twirly ice cream stand in a rural area on the road where they heard an amusement … Continue reading Candy Butts

Tin Cans and Wire

Aluminum cans and wire, string more likely, strung between windows at night. Aluminum gives more overtones than steel, which is where the angels live. You think anything important happens without angels? You are wrong if that is what you think. You say, why this isn’t Brooklyn or a Chicago tenement, so why the strings and … Continue reading Tin Cans and Wire

The Forts. Part two.

The Fort. Part Two. Larry Flynt had special issues of his magazine called “War the Real Obscenity”. Graphic photos of soldiers wearing combat gear fallen in muddy trenches and jungle fields, wounded, bloody, limbs blown off, faces in agony; photos of villagers and other victims from both sides of the battle. This was among the … Continue reading The Forts. Part two.

The Forts. Part One.

Bluurp. Bluurp. Bluurr-up. This is the sound of dripping plastic. To make the sound: take a stick, such as a relatively straight and fairly strong tree branch about four feet long and a quarter to half an inch thick, then wrap some plastic around one end, a plastic bag or a torn portion of a … Continue reading The Forts. Part One.

Mary Mary

Mary Mary, where you going to? Mary Queen of Arkansas, it’s not too early for dreaming. And the wind it whispers Mary. A broom is drearily sweeping up the broken pieces of yesterday’s life. Mary Mary, it’s not over, where you go I will follow. Somewhere a Queen is weeping, somewhere a King has no … Continue reading Mary Mary

Racing Team Huffy!

Racing Team Huffy! Racing Team Huffy! Purple bike, yellow bike, banana seats and V steering bars. On the trail, off the road, across a field and anywhere you want to go. Schwinn’s are for adults and why pay more, I’m racing for Team Huffy, that is who I am racing for. Go Huffy! Let me … Continue reading Racing Team Huffy!