Time for a Holiday

Ocean waves rolling     in rhythm this morning     a gentle lapping the little birds      are talking what are they saying     I wonder out loud you say they’re saying     you’re on my beach         and you don’t even feed me I say they’ve been     feeding themselves     for a long time     better than people You nod     people eat … Continue reading Time for a Holiday

Time for Coffee

I remember             bringing you                         a cup of coffee Not so very long             ago it was                         sunrise Too early to be             awake the sky                         darkened Fog was lifting over             the pines on                         the hilltop You were snoring lightly             eyes not quite                         open Placing the cup, I … Continue reading Time for Coffee

Olde Time Fair Time

Horses prance     all about         the fairgrounds. The captain’s epaulette     with dangling         tassels tussle     as he rides. Freaks and Geeks     dance in shows         saying the time     is ours now. And Mary doesn’t remember     me     or she does     but will not/just won’t say.     I recall our     parents smiling     while her Ayrshire     red ribboned I held a blue … Continue reading Olde Time Fair Time

Sick Time

That cup                 must have been dirty I felt it                 as soon as I drank                                 that cranberry juice I won’t                 say anything                                 but that cup was used People                 would think I’m crazy                                 so don’t say anything. I won’t but                 if I get sick too                                 just let me … Continue reading Sick Time

Time Frieze

A warm breeze brushes across this terrace giving a cooling effect on my not quite tan slightly sunburnt skin; I remember standing just over there under the balcony frieze on a different day while a mocking sun meanly reflected on me. Today, treetops sway thanking the gentle winds, potted ferns agree in kind – many … Continue reading Time Frieze

Cuckoo Time

Tony said it’s that damn clock causing all of us all of our problems.   Tony had worked seven seasons on Alaskan fishing boats and did handy work in remote towns in between, but he saved his money enough to attend college.   One afternoon during exam week his scrappy lean frame alit from the … Continue reading Cuckoo Time