Tunnel Visions

This was no ordinary tunnel. There were warning signs of course as you approached, rather indicators giving pause. “Biggest best tunnel ever.” “You can’t resist.” “Only right-minded people here.” “Better than the good old-fashioned days.” But nothing could quite prepare anyone to go around, skip on past, to do anything but drive towards the next … Continue reading Tunnel Visions

Sometimes The Ephemeral Nature Of Things Such That They Are

The gazebo is a place of solitude, I know,a screened place where one’s thoughts grow,and rhododendron with showy flowers stand highupon the surrounding ground pointed to the sky. The gazebo is a tranquil place I love,anointed by the power of nature and peace above.It is a place where, surely, others yearnand welcomes still those who … Continue reading Sometimes The Ephemeral Nature Of Things Such That They Are

Time Frieze

A warm breeze brushes across this terrace giving a cooling effect on my not quite tan slightly sunburnt skin; I remember standing just over there under the balcony frieze on a different day while a mocking sun meanly reflected on me. Today, treetops sway thanking the gentle winds, potted ferns agree in kind – many … Continue reading Time Frieze

Speaking of Trees

“Some of my best friends and most trusted advisors are trees.”  I startled slightly.  I hadn’t seen another human in an hour or so, I prefer hiking when and where very few people are out.  “Overgrowth a mile up, but it clears about 20 yards through…watch for poisen oak” amounts to an extensive conversation on … Continue reading Speaking of Trees