say, have you seenby the daylight’s dimmingpeople with belly full, soul emptypeople full of soul, belly emptyis there a mottowho is to trustbombs being dropped by computer precisionwarfare raging between bytes and bitswhat will tomorrow be,can love still overcome Fresh breathe of good air to Eugie’s Weekly Word Prompt! Continue reading Twilight


I had a dog named Happiness. I named her after a movie, and called her Happy for short, or sometimes just Hap. I’d walk her at nearby Hilltop Park overlooking the city by the old water reservoir. A variety of pine, tall oak and lazy maples grace the semi volcanic rocky soil. Happiness loved Hilltop … Continue reading Happiness


The succulent is blossoming alongside the front stepsa new coat of paint made the deck look good, for another yearre-potting our Mister Lincoln thorn bush seems to have turned it aroundthere was no line at the oil change place and they didn’t try to up-sell wiper bladesyour mother called to say hello and had no … Continue reading Celebration


Fields of wild flowerssing praisefor spring. Ocean waves cascade uponsandy beacheskeeping rhythm. Spices in a currydance ensemblefor joy. Tea leaves in teapotsquietly steepfreeing essence. Prayers over the worldharmonize Iand Thou. For Eugi’s Wondrous Weekly Word Prompt Continue reading Mingle