Old Friend

By the pond’s edgean acorn fallsrippling my reflectionbut we are meetingfor the first timeI say aloudwho was that strangerI say to nobodymy reflection returnswith something morethan I had beforean awareness of impermanenceawe of greater forcein a little acornthat can make medisappear and appear again. For Reena’s Xploration!!! Continue reading Old Friend

All Around The World

Same old full moon as last yearfrom the Cider House tin roofshining upon a wheel of firemiles away drifting in a raftmy tiger companions melt to butterremember that moon my old friendmay it fill you with whimsy,get that sofa up the staircase. Round the corner from anywhere at Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Continue reading All Around The World


  The joy of a child reading Charley and the Chocolate Factory.   Red and Orange Maple leavesdrifting on an autumn breeze.  The full green moon emergingfrom hot August night clouds.  That moment they sharedon the sunsetting beach.  A full summer day of play slip sliding; hose, tarp, hill.  Walking to the podiumflip tassel amidst smiles and cheers.  Feeling the quickening kickthen … Continue reading Everlasting

Old Sam

My wife . . . Hazel . . . See? She doesn’t stir from her bed. See . . . the full green moon? She sees the shine in his eye, what now? I think of Old Sam peering up at the full green moon. Standing in his bed clothes facing the clear sky over … Continue reading Old Sam