Spirits and shadows Remembering who they were Driving through fields To the dance On Saturday night After working all week You sure are pretty Did I hear him say to the Pretty lady sitting next to him Keeping her dress From riding up Holding tight Over bumps and ruts Did I hear her reply back … Continue reading Ghostly


I am a mystical genius   she said Like a badge  of distinguished weirdness    she wore the wordsLike she was  the only onewho knew  what Van Morrison         sailed away into  what Aretha rendered    into Amazing Grace   what William Blake    could see in a wild flower  what Madeleine L’Engel found    wrinkling in time  what Hafez    drank from his chalice  what Mary Oliver made    of a grasshopperI let her  of course after … Continue reading Mystical

Crystal Ball

Look over & under then through      maybe everything returns         and will remains      sun rises sun stands          tall in the sky             sun sets      storm rolls in dark    booms flashes rains      then there‚Äôs calm      you do not need       a crystal ball to    tell good from not. For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt! Continue reading Crystal Ball


Beyond firmament’s shores past Earth’s bounds are harmonious realms where Angels flit among the lights mass and energy time doesn’t exist catch a glimpse a sideways glance of evolving omnity within infinite myths something incredible awaiting For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Continue reading Cosmos

Tree of Life

Tree to keep hope tree to dream on wise trees to live by if you can not be a kind tree, then speak to a kind tree a fool thinks theirself to be wise, but a tree knows exactly what it is trees are the treasure of a wise person, that, and knowledge a tree … Continue reading Tree of Life