The succulent is blossoming alongside the front stepsa new coat of paint made the deck look good, for another yearre-potting our Mister Lincoln thorn bush seems to have turned it aroundthere was no line at the oil change place and they didn’t try to up-sell wiper bladesyour mother called to say hello and had no … Continue reading Celebration


Fields of wild flowerssing praisefor spring. Ocean waves cascade uponsandy beacheskeeping rhythm. Spices in a currydance ensemblefor joy. Tea leaves in teapotsquietly steepfreeing essence. Prayers over the worldharmonize Iand Thou. For Eugi’s Wondrous Weekly Word Prompt Continue reading Mingle


Summer touristsSpring revelersAutumn travelersWinter vacationersstop thereto seethe scenerytake pictureswhile theLazuli Buntingpeeps froma perch. Hope all is well at Eugi’s one and only Weekly Word Prompt! Continue reading Viewpoint


Chasing lossseeking redemptionwe oncetasted paradisethen lostour placefollowing manytiny compromisesbut withour faithour actionswe willlive inthe lightyet more. For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt! Continue reading Paradise


She landed on my nosefor one light quiet momenta placid airy blessing bestowedwhile sunshine warmed our morningenchanted, I paused, felt peacewondering if there was meaningto her magical flapping dancebetween my eyes and nuzzleas though one is neededand she fluttered circling away. For Eugie’s Weekly Prompt! Photo credit. Continue reading Flutter


  The joy of a child reading Charley and the Chocolate Factory.   Red and Orange Maple leavesdrifting on an autumn breeze.  The full green moon emergingfrom hot August night clouds.  That moment they sharedon the sunsetting beach.  A full summer day of play slip sliding; hose, tarp, hill.  Walking to the podiumflip tassel amidst smiles and cheers.  Feeling the quickening kickthen … Continue reading Everlasting


That’s how she pronounced the word, three syllables, drawn out in a way – although precise & concise. Bee-Whi’-Chedt. Her fashion was flashy, but not too; always an original and simultaneously demure & with a risque edge. She’d have a cigarette or a drink and rather than vices, she wield either like props in a … Continue reading BeWitch-ed