Midnight Rippling

Happiness is a momentary lack of concrete misfortune.Before a cafe’ table hours passed talking laughing.Remember a swirling black and white satiny dress.Mixed drinks over mysteries, our yet to be.Next I was awake at dark midnight starkness.An urgent panicked call from across the night.We were braver before each, or more ignorant.Homage due for earned moments off … Continue reading Midnight Rippling


The succulent is blossoming alongside the front stepsa new coat of paint made the deck look good, for another yearre-potting our Mister Lincoln thorn bush seems to have turned it aroundthere was no line at the oil change place and they didn’t try to up-sell wiper bladesyour mother called to say hello and had no … Continue reading Celebration

What Time is It? (Lesson #412 in Spousal Relationship Communication)

WaKammakit What does you mean Wakammakit?  WaKammakit? What do you mean?  You said “WaKammakit”.  No, I asked What time is it?  I’m going to sit back inside.  You don’t hear me lately.  Or maybe my ears are clogged up so I can’t modulate.  What do you mean, modulate?  Do you have your watch?  It’s in … Continue reading What Time is It? (Lesson #412 in Spousal Relationship Communication)