The Hand that Holds the Brick Balloon

If the hand that holds the string of the floating red brick balloon sees the hole where brick shows through the balloon then the hand will be crushed as the suspension of gravity bursts. imagination inspiration for Reena’s Xploration’s place Continue reading The Hand that Holds the Brick Balloon


I had a dog named Happiness. I named her after a movie, and called her Happy for short, or sometimes just Hap. I’d walk her at nearby Hilltop Park overlooking the city by the old water reservoir. A variety of pine, tall oak and lazy maples grace the semi volcanic rocky soil. Happiness loved Hilltop … Continue reading Happiness

Long Haul Before Dawn

We don’t need you to make us feel safe, because you made us feel brave – selah.Teddy Bears watching from the windowshave gone back to their beds.The trembling world has shaken us to the bonebut the winding riverbrings us forever home.Darkness covers the earthand daybreak’s first lightinspires our morning gloryto blossom in solemnity. Reena’s challenge … Continue reading Long Haul Before Dawn

Cuckoo Time

Tony said it’s that damn clock causing all of us all of our problems.   Tony had worked seven seasons on Alaskan fishing boats and did handy work in remote towns in between, but he saved his money enough to attend college.   One afternoon during exam week his scrappy lean frame alit from the … Continue reading Cuckoo Time