Starry Night

Far away from the suburb lights
far above still are starry nights
always there in my heart
miles, years keep us apart
in slumber among the pine
together we were so fine
apology for versing in rhyme
we didn’t know any better.

Painting Palette Blue and Gray for Eugi’s Weekly Word Prompt

8 responses to “Starry Night”

  1. I love poems that rhyme! Your poem is a delightful and lyrical piece. It’s always a pleasure to have you join in.

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    1. I value well your comments Eugi, thank you!


  2. Very fun poem. Will you join the Fake Flamenco poetry challenge this month? It’s a mystery, in free verse.

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  3. I love this poem . Thanks

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  4. ‘…we didn’t know any better.’
    The question is… ‘Do we know any better now?’ 🙂

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      1. Some questions don’t have answers… but it is fun to ponder them 🙂

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