Red and orange embers sputtered as I put the campfire out. Autumn was already asleep in our dune-top canvas castle, with a mile or more of sandy beach all to ourselves. I folded up the rumpled blanket. We’d sleep under the stars again but for the lake’s cool misty morning awakening; we were going to sleep-in. The weather had blessed us with a sunny fall weekend; the schools open and deer season weeks away. On Sunday morning the only other campers had taken the mile hike back through the canopy dropping swirling foliage, to the parking spot. Seven miles of bumpy two-track through the forest led to the old almost as bumpy country road. We’d take it tomorrow, but for this evening we swam in afterglow amid ripples’ shore song. I crawled into the tent before she could stir fully awake, she embraced me content.

Prompt kindly provided by Eugi’s Weekly Word Prompt

One response to “Afterglow”

  1. How lovely and touching! This is such a beautiful and comforting piece. Thank you for joining in.

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