Who’s on first?

The wannabe poets gathered around their professor, the beloved group she called poets as if a secret handshake.
They sat at their usual after class front window table, it was comforting.
This Friday evening however, it’d be packed, a sold out welcome spring poetry extravaganza.
She was the featured reader of course, and as the bar filled there were whispers, and glances.
As the hushed tones turned to a low rumble, she reminded us that we are poets.
We talked about the line-up, who would open, who would introduce her.
Both were favored, as it was standing room at capacity and the crowd was eager.
I was about to ask, when should we start, she said “Shhh! It’s your turn now”.

Challenged again by Reena’s Xploration Challenge

4 responses to “Who’s on first?”

  1. It’s an opportunity. Depends how she or he takes it.

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    Who’s on first? …..by Artie & Stu

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  3. Like it or not, it’s her chance now, cold turkey

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