Forgiving Unforgotten

Forgiving Unforgotten
Huddled around the corner we look into one another’s eyes they’re doing that again did it wake you up too you stink you sound like a fishwife you can barely speak I have a right to have a good time barely standing isn’t a good time every once in awhile every night for the past two weeks is not once in awhile you should go back to bed my older brother says they’re almost done the next week would be good we’d eat dinner together play board games have popcorn in front of the TV visit the tulip farm and get a miniature pair of wood shoes with blue flowers painted on the toes.

Did the good week outweigh the other two, how often would I repeat the scene in my mind, in my life, until one day I could go back and say to five-year-old me; this is not your fault; we’re all working towards harmony.

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