And as Color is but the Particular Tribute that All Things Pay to Universal Light

Knowledge of anything being just an insight
tones juxtapose, lines join
immediate whole simultaneous
implicit harmony revealing beauty
express hills, pine trees, a pond, sun drifting through;
adopting perspectives of all the endless complexity
pure ideas form movement
open your home to the winds
retreat to the perfect nook of a peaceful valley
all we need for our well-being
to lengthen or shorten our vision at ease
go floating on a solemn evening
seeking with all strength for something solid
to cling to, while the candle burns
invoking words, against the plashing abyss –
the goddess of compassion mercy kindness
points to the precarious transitory coherence of all things
the richness of the whole is inexhaustible
the fleeting unprovable contingency free from space and time
here there and now in the vital respiratory rhythm of the world.

2 responses to “And as Color is but the Particular Tribute that All Things Pay to Universal Light”

  1. Colleen@ LOOSELEAFNOTES Avatar

    I’m floating on the wave of these words and images.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words.


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