Seeing the road ahead
with my mind’s eye
using the lenses of
            intuition empathy faith history poetry experience reason love
                        How could I help but not send a note, feeling you wandering around my mind, my old friend?
                        I’m running late, but can tell the time it takes to call her will save all of the time she is wondering where I am.
                        Another tough situation with difficult conversations, how will I be able to handle it all well?
                        What to say about our present politics; I recall Aeschylus had a play about hubris and whatever happened to Xerxes.
                        But in a moment, there can be truth & beauty and a way to touch, smell, sense and savor it with my heart.
                        Then I’ve found being forward and honest right up front almost always works best.
                        And who knew eating an apple, having a glass of water, going for a walk, taking the stairs made doing better.
                        When it comes to knowing how to respond to someone who has helped me, or has hurt me?
 Applying each of these lenses, in order from the above.

Inspiration Provided by Eugi’s Weekly Word Prompt

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