Inside the Hutch: Mary Hansen Saga VI-

Inside the Hutch:  Mary Hansen Saga VI-

Mary Hansen’s grandmother Margaret lived in the first settlers’ home on Lake Winataka.  Her great-grandfather built it out of local oak.  While it still stands and the old log houses are all rotting remains, he wouldn’t recognize much other than the kitchen hutch.  Over the years, the home was remodeled and upgraded seemingly around that hutch.  Mary spent many happy hours playing with the pots and pans stored below and then staring with curiosity at the mason jars and spices bottles inside the hutch.  When her friends visited and asked what was in that cabinet, Mary always said, “love”.  

(for Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction)

4 responses to “Inside the Hutch: Mary Hansen Saga VI-”

  1. btw – the challenge is exactly 99 words about inside a hutch btw2- that’s Margaret in the photo btw3 – yes, she’s preparing chicken for dinner btw4 – yes, little Phillip is playing with the chicken’s head; those were the days

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  2. The imagery of the house undergoing remodels around the hutch is exquisite, as if what is found inside. Glad to see you at Carrot Ranch. I’m very interested in your style of writing as someone who is also inspired by women of the past.

    Ha! Yes, playing with the chicken’s head. What children of today missed out on!

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