Rain Drops in to Say Hello

An inked stream
on my oriental scroll
is not a stream but
a treacherous image
which never changes
as I age on

shapes swirling in water
flowing with many faces
apparitions emblazoned saying see
there is a story
there were two lovers,
below this mountainside temple

but your scroll blends-in
blues green yellow purple
and are those skunk-cabbages
like the ones on that walk
we took that one time back when;
stories only change setting

now, I visit our gurgling clear creek –
itself a time machine –
I feel transported anyhow,
sitting on the log by the path as the
rain drops in to say hello,
my old good friend.

Oregon Rain Painting #11#18#19#20 Pam Serra-Wentz  http://www.pamserrawenz.com/pams-blog




5 responses to “Rain Drops in to Say Hello”

  1. Beautifully written.

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    1. Thank you mylilplace!

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  2. Great writing. Loved it.

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