On Not Standing in the Same River

I see this thought
as it pops up
from a creek flowing
swirling into my morass
of consciousness and awareness

or this orange flower
growing through a crack
in the cement along
a crumbling downtown
Detroit overpass

life struggling
without knowing perhaps
the impossibility of existence
inside an amazing
invisible time-machine

do we tear at each other
in every awakening,
taking for granted
moments of beauty or
glory in manifestation

can we care without
knowing the unlikelihood
of us, but this evening
is stunning and love
only crosses every boundary.

Featured image:  http://www.williameshumwayart.com/archives


Above image:  https://msarnold.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/truisms-2/


Another by Bill Shumway, above:  http://www.williameshumwayart.com/

9 responses to “On Not Standing in the Same River”

  1. “love crosses every boundary” – I can’t agree more…Thank you for these empowering thoughts. Let’s stop tearing at each other.

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  2. You’re good. Do you submit your work to some lit journals? Because if you don’t, you should.

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    1. Thank you, I will do so.

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      1. Let me know if you need some names.


      2. I welcome any recommendation you think of.

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      3. You can start with dodging the rain, foxglove jounal, the blue nib, visual verse and spillwords. Some accept reprints as well.


  3. […] So much for a public college education… (to be fair, there were of course a handful of professors who watered thirsts for knowledge and kept us on our way). Heraclitus also said that thing about not standing in the same river twice (see my prior post). […]


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