Fabulous Fence Walking

How far can you walk atop a fence?  I’ve beaten my own record numerous times and it ain’t easy.  Practice makes perfect they say, but at some point it is all a matter of mental focus.  How long can you pay attention, or not pay attention. Your muscles are primed and ready.  The fence has about three inches of half inch by six sticking up above the two by four brace on which you tread.  You are six feet above ground, so if you fail, you must fail gracefully enough to land and roll.  The three inches above the two by four brace rail gives little support, but some, still there is nothing to grab a hold of up there.  If you need to stoop or bend, then the fence will wobble too much to give you opportunity to regain your balance.  Turning around and going back is not much problem.  I’ve made it end to end 17 times, the record extending perhaps longer, as this run ran right up to supper.  You need to be washed & scrubbed with clean hands and face to sit for supper.  You also need to be seated before the first pot is to be served.  Or else.  Else you can go to bed early with no TV because you hurt your mother’s feelings says Fird.  Your mother who has been watching you through the back window as much as she could while cooking.  Your mother who doesn’t want this time to end any more than you.

She knows I’m reading a book by flashlight under the covers.  Fird sits and farts comfortably watching specials about World War II, believing he has done something for family for once.

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